GSoC 2018 Introduction | Advance features in daru-view

Introduction to the Project – Daru-view

Leaving no stone unturned was my level of enthusiasm when I started preparing for GSoC. Keeping the same spirit going, I will be working with Ruby Science Foundation for GSoC 2018 under the guidance of my mentors Shekhar Rajak and Athitya Kumar.

Daru-view is a gem created for the purpose of data visualisation in ruby. It uses plotting tools like GoogleCharts, HighCharts, NyaPlot and DataTables for plotting various interactive charts and tables. It works both with web frameworks of ruby like rails, sinatra, nanoc and with iruby notebook. Have a look at some of the examples, they’re really cool! 🙂

However, the indirect access of these plotting tools through some dependent gems limits their usage. So, my project focuses on the implementation of various advance features in daru-view which includes extending the code of these dependent gems and the execution of various features available for Google charts JS, HighCharts and DataTables.

Journey to GSoC

GSoC 2018 was an advent in my life as Hogwarts would be in a Wizard’s life. If we are comparing it with magic then as in magic things must come out of a Wand, right, the case been the same. Merging ruby with science was none less than a magic spell and I felt like


I started with the beginner-friendly issues to understand the workflow of the project. Soon after, I found myself working on with test cases as they held high priority at that time. Working on bug fixes and further feature addition gave me a deep insight of the project. All this wouldn’t have been possible without the coordination of my mentor. Thanks a ton to my mentor for being responsive and helping me out.

All of my contributions in daru-view can be tracked here. Before the GSoC results were out, I managed to work on 9 pull requests, out of which 8 were merged.

The Plan of GSoC and expected outputs

Now, as I have entered into the Hogwarts 😛 , I plan to accomplish the following tasks during my way. My first lesson of the wizardy world would be on:


HighCharts uses lazy_high_charts as the dependent gem to access the features of HighCharts JS. In the HighCharts section, I plan to work on some of the feature additions like:

  • Implementation of two classes HighStock and HighMap which generates some really impressive plots.
  • Custom styling CSS in HighCharts to make charts more interactive.chart(1)
  • Export the chart in various formats.
  • I will also implement some advance HighCharts such as circular gauge chart.

Every wizard must know how to use the spell of:


GoogleCharts uses GoogleVisualr as the dependent gem to access the features of GoogleCharts JS. In this section, I will be working on some feature additions to make the charts and tables more interactive. These are:

  • Implementation of ChartWrapper and ChartEditor classes which will provide the users more flexibility like they can edit the chart at runtime.
  • Exporting the charts in various formats so that they can be easily downloaded by the use of code.
  • Showing multiple charts simultaneously. This will provide the users with the facility to compare the data in a more interactive way.multiple charts
  • Adding some more methods in Google DataTables to make it more user-friendly.
  • Right now, I am working on the idea to import the data from google spreadsheets.

Now, Datatables as a part of defence against the dark arts class:


DataTables uses daru-data_tables as the dependent gem. In DataTables I plan to work on some features like:

  • Exporting the chart in HTML format and some code restructuring.
  • Implementation of the server-side processing in the Datatables in order to load large amount of data, piece by piece.

Its the strength and determination that makes a wizard strong. Apart from these spells, I will put my effort in removing a bunch of lines at the source html file because of js and will work on completing the basic structure of the plugin to add a new adapter. I will also add numerous examples to demonstrate the capabilities of daru-view.

This project might involve a number of challenges but never letting my spirit down, I will be at my best effort to achieve them during the summer.

To get in touch and add more of your ideas, do visit this discourse discussion topic.

All set to be a master wizard! 😉



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