GSoC 2018 | Coding Week – 7, 8

It almost closure of two months of my GSoC journey with Sciruby. The coding is a deliberate process and comes with all forms of bugs and features. Nevertheless, I enjoyed every bit of it. Especially the weekends where the writer makes a trip to her fictional lane of memories to writing a blog.

The writer feels that her love for FRIENDS is ardent and therefore there must be one more article on that theme.


This makes everyone happy, doesn’t it? I hope my work does it too.
For the 7th and 8th weeks, I listened to “the smelly cat” and during the remaining time I worked on the following tasks.

Handling Events in Google Charts:

This feature provides a user with the facility to write their own javascript code in Google Charts in the form of events and listeners. This improves the interaction of the user with the visualization. To catch up with the progress of this feature, have a look at this PR and examples.

In this example, `select` listener is being used to create an alert whenever the user navigates on Google Datatable’s pages.


Usage in daru-view:

Its usage is similar to Monica and Chandler being together, quite simple, I loved it.

A user just needs to add the `listeners` option in the third parameter with the event name (as key) and the js code to execute when that event is fired (as value).

Multiple Charts:

I have updated the implementation to use multiple charts in a row such that now, it supports not only the Google Charts but HighCharts and Nyaplot too. A separate class (PlotList) has been created to execute this feature in daru-view. Check out this PR and examples to understand this feature more.

With this feature, a user gets to simultaneously compare its visualization with different chart types and adapters.

Simultaneous visualization of a Google pie chart and a pie HighChart:


Usage in daru-view:

To create parallel visualizations in daru-view, a user needs to create a PlotList object and pass a list of plot objects as data to it.

Move js files to assets folder:

Refactored rake tasks to move dependent js and CSS files to the assets folder. I have opened this PR in daru-view and this PR in daru-data_tables to incorporate this change.

Reverted a method in daru:

Faced with a critical issue in daru-view unexpectedly as Travis was failing. This happened because a public method access_row_tuples_by_indexs was removed from the daru repository. This method was used in daru-view, so it needs to be reverted which has been done in this PR.

Apart from these, I am currently working on the datatables to load a large set of data piece by piece which involves a lot of challenges.


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