Work Product: GSoC 2018

This is a wrap of my magnificent adventurous journey of GSoC with SciRuby and I feel proud that I managed to contribute a significant amount to the development and progress of the project `daru-view`. Below are the links that summarize my work in this period. GSoC 2018 work done summary – Progress Report GSoC 2018 work […]

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GSoC 2018 | Coding Week – 11, 12

Much of the time left after the high dosage of Friends and chandler’s sarcasm was spent in code demonstration (using numerous examples), documentation and the code wrap-up. Nevertheless, I managed to carry out the following tasks: Rake Task to add new adapter templates: Added a rake task to generate the sample template for the adapter. […]

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GSoC 2018 | Coding Week – 7, 8

It almost closure of two months of my GSoC journey with Sciruby. The coding is a deliberate process and comes with all forms of bugs and features. Nevertheless, I enjoyed every bit of it. Especially the weekends where the writer makes a trip to her fictional lane of memories to writing a blog. The writer […]

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GSoC 2018 | Coding Week – 5, 6

The writer of this blog post is an avid fan of relating things to her fictional world and after successfully defeating “the one who can’t be named” in her last adventurous writings, this time she is up to writing “The one with the G.S.O.C”- more relaxing and soothing indeed. The past two weeks involved much […]

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GSoC 2018 | Coding Week – 3, 4

These two weeks in my journey were really thrilling and adventurous. The wizarding world is full of Hurdles but with the power magical ruby,  I tried to conquer them all. In the never-ending world of magic, these are my contributions for the week 3 and 4. Exporting of HighCharts in different formats: Through this feature, […]

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GSoC 2018 | Coding Week -2

“The purpose of magic is to create beautiful effects.”-not, one who can’t be named. In the second week of Hogwarts school of magic and ruby for science, I devoted my time to work on Custom styling CSS in HighCharts and loading of modules and map data (in HighMaps). Custom Styling CSS in HighCharts There are […]

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GSoC 2018 | Coding Week – 1

The first week of Hogwarts, I mean GSoC with Sciruby, one is the same thing for me. I started with the spells of Highcharts that are used to add interactive charting capability. “Code and spells are hard to deal with”- said no wise man ever but is true sometimes :P. My initial code on Highcharts produced out of […]

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